Destinations which are same as beautiful as Paris

Paris is associate degree irreproducible town, its grand boulevards shooting far away from the Seine like arteries, resulting in painting art galleries, dress shop fashion stores, nice literary quarters and countless fabulous cafes and bistros. If you’re addicted to its several charms the culture, the design, the food, the coffee, the looking, the hotels, the views and also the romance
Places like Paris in the world:
• Amsterdam, Netherlands
Peaceful, tolerant national capital is understood for many of identical qualities as Paris. Its trio of best art galleries, whereas not as painting because the Louvre, along contain a set that’s even as spectacular. The Rijksmuseum hangs famous Rembrandts aboard works by different previous Masters like Jan Steen and Jan Vermeer; the Vincent van Gogh repository has a lot of the expressionist artist’s paintings than anyplace else in the world and therefore the Stedelijk repository shelters an excellent assortment of recent and contemporary art.
• Prague, the Czech Republic
Nicknamed the crossroads of Europe, Prag has picked up influences from each east and west and mixed them into a gorgeous mingle-mangle of design that enchants individuals from everywhere the planet. This fairy-tale skyline rises higher than the historic Charles Bridge; that was for hundreds of years the sole suggests that of crossing the stream Vltava, putting Prag at the guts of continental trade up till the nineteenth century. Crossing the bridge takes travelers from the ninth century Prag Castle into the recent city, wherever the blackly gothic Tyn Church vies for attention with the baroque St.Nicholas Church, and, therefore, the town is adorned with cozy shop hotels, like the intimate
• Florence, Italy
Europe’s greatest town for 250 years and also the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, you may say that Florence was Paris centuries before Paris became Paris. It was the house of artists like statue maker, writers like Dante Alighieri and political thinkers like solon, and this lustrous history of culture, beauty and poise remains inscribed on its streets nowadays, in statues, sculptures, palaces, and churches. Like Paris, they’re no higher thanks to expertise Florence than on foot, pausing on bridges and street corners to relish grandeur views that suddenly open up. Town streets square measure packed with little cafés and restaurants and travelers with fat wallets will notice an embarrassment of fine boutiques and designer outlets wherever the historical and business districts meet.

• Melbourne, Australia
It’s pretty not possible to beat Paris for the pleasure of paying every day strolling between cafés, however, Melbourne superior it on one front a minimum of – the low. Australia is that the acknowledged king of the present reformist low boom and Melbourne features a sprinkling of fine places to induce your fix: drop into Patricia low Brewers on the corner of very little Bourke and tiny William streets, or wander Parham Market and simply follow your cramp nose.

• Stockholm, Sweden
Coffee and cake continue in Stockholm with like, a daily afternoon ritual that involves overwhelming occasional with one thing sweet whereas meditative the queries of this existential galaxy with friends. However Stockholm could be a fine place to go to on the far side the occasional outlets, a town of broad skies and shimmering water unfold across a sequence of islands, connected by an online of stylish bridges.

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Ways to travel

Traveling means the movement of people or goods from one place to another. People travel to communicate with others or to do trading. There are so many ways to traveling i.e. by road, air, cable, rail, water and space. Transportation ways makes use of a particular type of vehicle, infrastructure and operation

Following are certain ways to travel:

Human powered transport, sustainable transportation, is the transport of people or goods using human muscle-power, Modern technology has permitted machines to enhance human command. This type of transport can be enhanced by the use of roads, particularly when using the human power of vehicles, such as bicycles.

Animal-powered transport is the use of animals for human work. Persons may drive some of the animals directly, or often use them as pack animals for carrying freight.

images (11)Air traveling is the fastest ways to travel. It is used to carry people to the distant place and often used to transport a limited amount of cargo.

Rail transport uses a train that runs through a set of two parallel steel rails, commonly known as a railway. This locomotive is motorized by steam, diesel or by electricity. Shipment trains conventionally used box cars, requiring physical loading and unloading of the cargo.


Road transport: A road is a certain route, way or path between two or moreimages (10) places. Roads are typically smoothed, paved, or else prepared to allow easy travel.  The most common road vehicle is the automobile include buses, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. Road transport offers a complete liberty to road users to shift the vehicle from one lane to the other and from one road to another according to their need and expediency. This flexibility of changes in location, direction, speed, and timings is not available to any other modes of transportation. So it is possible to provide easy access to the door to door service.

Automobiles provide high flexibility but are the main source of noise and air pollution.

Water transport is movement using a watercraft—such as a boat, ship or sailboat over a body of water, such as a sea, ocean, lake or canal. Although it is a slow mode of transportation, it is a highly efficient method of transporting large quantities of goods.

There are several other modes of transportation which includes

Pipeline transport that sends goods through a pipe, cable transport is a broad mode where cables pull vehicles. Spaceflight is transported out of Earth’s atmosphere into outer space using a spacecraft, and Suborbital spaceflight is the fastest of the existing transport systems from a place on Earth to a distant another place on Earth.




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Getting by without a car

Most people will tell us that today, there is no way you can get by without a car, and especially if you live in a big city. Well, that isn’t quite the truth, because we did some testing, and we figured out that getting by without a car is extremely easy. And not only that; it will save you some time you lose while waiting for the traffic, it will save you some money you would usually spend on gas, it will get you in better shape (at least some of these forms of getting by without a car will), etc. So, without any further ado, let’s see how you can get by without a car in a big city.

1. Use a Bike

Bicycles are a great way for getting around the city. They are usually cheap (at least cheaper than most transportation means), they will let you save a lot of money you would usually spend on gas and car repairs, and they will get you in great shape, because cycling to work, class, or to a meeting would give you the exercise your body badly needs, and especially if you have a desk job. You can use the bike to get around the cars that are stuck in traffic, which will make you get to your destination a lot quicker than by a car. All you need to do is to take good care of your bike, and to park it in a secure place, because they do get stolen a lot.

2. Take the Bus

Probably every city in the world has its own busses that take you to any place in the city from any place in the city. This is great because these busses usually don’t cost that much and you can get off wherever you want. Also, you won’t be polluting the environment with your car, and you will never have to worry about the parking, about whether your parking space is safe, about the gas, etc. So, if you want to save some money and save your environment, the bus is the best way to go about.


3. Take the Train

Trans work pretty much the same as the busses we’ve mentioned above, and if your city has a train line, you can go ahead and take it. This will make you feel just like a regular person; and besides, you’ll get to meet all kinds of people while you’re there.


4. Take a Walk

If you do not live that far from the place you wish to go, why not take a walk? Walking has almost gone extinct due to the fact that we have all other alternative means of transport. Besides the fact that walking will help you get in shape and will help you get some exercise, it will also help you save money you would usually spend on gas or on bus or train ticket,  and it will help you save the environment – but not like in the case of taking a bus, when you’re replacing one fossil fuel user with another; here, there are no fossil fuels and no damages to our surroundings.

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